Saturday, July 26, 2008

Electric Cars

We use mineral oils, as found in natural deposits, for various purposes.  Cooking, lubrication, manufacturing, and fuel are some of the most important.

Oil as a fuel is probably the most important use, but luckily, it may be the easiest to eliminate.

When used as an energy source oil is really nothing more than a convenient battery.  A battery that came charged but a battery nonetheless.

This is not a new idea, but rather, one that I think is lost on a good number of people.

We have never completed a transition away from oil and natural gas for home heating.

It will be a few decades before that transition is done.  We should try to accelerate this effort.

The same is true of oil as a transportation fuel.  We can see the beginnings of an effort to go to electric hybrids or straight electric cars.  This effort should be accelerated.  Time is of the essence.