Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Save the baby kitty

We rescued a kitten from a tree on Saturday.

Friday night the police were outside checking out a car parked at the park. I was out on the porch watching the fun and I could faintly hear a kitten meowing. By the time the police left the noise had stopped.

The next morning Ayaka and I heard it again from the living room. We went outside and again the noise had stopped. We tried calling and looking but alas...

Still later, we all saw some kind of disturbance in the tree - a bunch of crows were making a commotion and then they flew away.

Finally as I was getting ready to pull the mower out of the garage I spotted something moving. It turned out a kitten had climbed up a tree. It seemed like the kitten couldn't get back down (there were almost no branches).

We pulled out the ladder and I was able to coax the kitten to decend several feet to where I could let her have some food and then bring her the rest of the way down.

Some kids were playing on the basketball court played with kitty for a couple of hours. They ended up taking her home later that day.