Friday, October 21, 2005


Sigh - ran into a driver issue with EMC san and Windows 2003 SP1.

Blue screen after applying SP1. Turns out I should have done my research. There is a minimum driver level required for Emulex 9802-E when running SP1.

So much for backwards compatibility in a stable OS series.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Must be a bad Microsoft week - we found a new BOT on the network - infected 3 machines and was able to reboot Windows 2003 fully patched sans SP1.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Ran into a problem with a custom Windows build today when applying MS05-051 (KB902400).

Our build had tweaked permission on stuff inside the %SYSTEMROOT%, including removing EVERYONE permissions in places.

With the patch applied this borked the "Network Connections" service. Symptoms were no network connections listed in "Network Connections". Also, when checking dependency tree for the "Network Connections" service a "Win32: access denied" popup would appear instead of the expected results.

Fix was to add "Network Service" or "EVERYONE" READ ACL on %SYSTEMROOT\Registration directory. Not sure what the security implications are yet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Domain 0 allocation is too small for kernel image

I've been battling this bug for about two weeks.

Then I spotted this gem on #xen

11:04 < tab> it's about the fedora xen kernels
11:05 < tab> and the memory issue
11:05 < tab> did you changed the ld layout of the kernel ?
11:06 < riel> no, 2.6.13 did
11:06 < tab> yes, but did you tweak it to be able to run xen ?
11:06 < riel> I tried to
11:06 < riel> but it's still not getting linked right
11:06 < tab> because I use to have the same problem in the early 2.6.13 port
11:06 < tab> used*
11:06 < riel> how did you fix it ?
11:06 < tab> you have to redefine LOAD_OFFSET to 0 in page.h
11:07 < tab> I'm almost done with 2.6.13 anyways, and I will upgrade the repository soon I think
11:08 < riel> ohhhhhh
11:08 < riel> too bad Fedora is on 2.6.14-rc3 ;-)
11:08 * riel is seriously considering not having Xen in Fedora again until xenolinux is upstream

Friday, October 7, 2005

VPSEasy is no more

A Xen VPS hosting provider I was testing out - VPSEasy has disappeared without a trace.

Good thing I only had 9 days of service left and not much data on that host.

Even weirder, the thread discussing this on WebHostingTalk mysteriously lost a bunch of posts.