Friday, July 8, 2005

Lottery math

A lottery is a tax on people who can't do math.

I was bored so I started to look at lottery historical data. I found what anybody with a clue expects to find. The sample size is around 900 out of a possible 175,711,536 combinations over the last 10 years.

There hasn't been a single repeat of the same numbers in 900 attempts. Hardly surprising.

The only interesting item I found was the infrequency that numbers 51-56 are drawn. Here's the data.

Number (occurences)
53 (0)
54 (0)
55 (1)
56 (1)
52 (36)
51 (41)

No other number was drawn less than 65 times. Not sure if this was due to a recent rule change or a flaw in the recorded data. Even if not this is still well within the realm of statistical probability.

The graph for the mega ball looks like well randomized data.

So anyway - I bought a ticket - what the heck?